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It seems that there were several attempts to bring Locke to the island during his childhood and adolescence.Perhaps this was why Roger Linus was recruited to work for the Dharma Initiative—as a way to bring young Ben to the island.Lapidus didn't seem to think Widmore was behind the fake plane crash. I suppose the GPS thing on the phone could help them to stay AWAY from Keamy & gang...It would take a long time for the doc's body to drift to the island, how far off shore is the freighter now? if Jack didn't, as usual, come to the exact wrong conclusion.o================== @mac (I'm pretty sure the protocol folder Keamy leafs through has a Dharma logo on it). Reception here was getting a little dicey due to an electrical storm, so I may have missed something.

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(My timeline of events is really screwed up this morning..night's episode sent my timeline of most of the events of this show into kaos.) Anyways, I think that is what he said.So if you're going *to* the island shouldn't you use the reciprocal? And did Michael manage to disable the freighter just as they were on the right bearing? (I haven't seen an anchor cable.) And if not, what keeps them from drifting off the spot? Was that supposed to be Daniel's original morse coming in over the merc's phone? o================== @mac If you've got a grasp on the discrepancy between the time on the freighter and the time on the island, I'd love to read your thoughts.o================== @mac The Doc Murder is also intriguing because, moments before his jugular was unzippered, a Widmore mercenary told the living doctor he'd received a Morse code transmission over the satellite phone announcing the island arrival of the dead doctor. At this point, I'm not sure if the island is consistently in the future (which would allow for Dr.In the backstory, we see that the island crossed paths with Locke at four points in his past: So let's parse all this backstory stuff: I'm far too simpleminded to wrap my head around the time-travel permutations, but I do wonder if the Alpert and Abbadon visits always happened.

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