Updating to intrepid ibex

13-Apr-2017 07:48

After all the packages are downloaded the installation starts.

After the installation completes the cleaning up operation is executed.

To set your mind at rest, you could pop over to the Ubuntu forums and site to check for any issues with the hardware that you are running.

There are plenty of sites going into great detail about what exactly is included, and I am putting this entry here mainly as another opinion on the net, to give potential users another viewpoint.

Now Ubuntu again alerts you about the packages that are going to be removed which have become obsolete, hit the remove the button to remove those packages but if you would like to keep them then you can also keep them.

After this is completed you will be prompted to restart That is it the now after you reboot you can boot into shiny new Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Desktop.

The upgrade process has now started and now you will be encountering the following screens: The update manager alerts you about the packages that are going to be removed which are also listed, new packages that will installed and packages that are going to be upgraded.

Upgrading using the Ubuntu update manager is useful when you have to update only one computer as the entire the entire update packages are downloaded over the Internet and installed.

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